Health and safety

Green Your Space Group Ltd believe that Health and Safety is a matter of the utmost importance. We ensure that our staff not only follow our own but also comply with your policies.

Our health and safety background

  • Our health and safety is independently managed by A P Partnership –  quality assured professionals in their field.
  • We constantly review and update our policies and procedure to reflect any changes in health and safety legislation.
  • This includes all relevant policy documentation.
  • Risk assessments and method statements are produced for each and every aspect work.
  • Regular equipment safety checks are carried out before we begin any project.

Health and safety training

  • All of our staff are trained in the use of all cleaning equipment, products, and materials.
  • Any risks are clearly identified in our Risk and Method statements before we begin any project.
  • We provide you with a health and safety manual and guarantee, which both clearly demonstrate that all procedures are being adhered to.


  • Not only are our staff fully trained but also supervised throughout, in order to ensure quality of service and health and safety are maintained.