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Cleaning Services with a Difference

Few social facilities offer a more conducive environment for dirt and germs to accumulate faster than schools. Factor in the probability that the average school has several hundred or even thousands of students and you can see why your best attempts to keep your school clean and hygienic often fall short.
Luckily for you there are school cleaning companies, such as Green Your Space Group Ltd, that operate in the London / Stoke areas and have all the necessary skills, manpower and equipment to help schools to maintain high standards of cleanliness. Green Your Space Group Ltd is one of the leading and most trusted school cleaning companies that offer a broad spectrum of cleaning services for schools in London / Stoke and its environs.

Why Choose Green Your Space Group Ltd?

Green Your Space Group Ltd holds the proud distinction of being one of London’s fastest-growing professional cleaning companies. We carefully vet our staff members and cleaners to ensure they have all the requisite skills and training to perform a perfect cleaning job at all times. We also use the latest cleaning equipment to give you an incomparable service level that we believe you truly deserve.
Our School Cleaning Services encompass the entire cleaning spectrum and include the following services:

  • • Daily Cleaning of Classrooms, Libraries, Music Rooms and Technology Rooms. The services we provide under this cleaning category include emptying waste bins, damp wiping and polishing tables, damp wiping ledges, skirting boards, window sills and radiators, spot cleaning dirty walls, dry dusting IT equipment, cleaning overheads in rotation, vacuuming carpets and spot mopping hard floors.
  • • Cleaning the School Hall, Gym and Refectory. We vacuum and wash the floors of your school hall, gym and refectory. Additionally, we machine burnish the floors in rotation, empty water bins as well as damp wipe skirtings and ledges.
  • • Cleaning Art Rooms and Science Rooms. We vacuum and mop the hard floors of your art rooms and science rooms, wipe tables and chairs and clean dirty ledges and skirtings.
  • • Cleaning Office Areas. We offer extensive office cleaning services including wiping and sanitising your telephones in rotation, damp wiping coffee spillages from tables, emptying waste bins, dusting radiators, fire extinguishers and window ledges, dusting and polishing your desks, under filing trays, lamps and other sundry items, spot cleaning finger marks from glass partitions, vacuuming soft furnishings and all carpet areas.

Additionally, we offer other contract cleaning services such as:

  • • Staff room cleaning
  • • Toilets and cloakroom cleaning
  • • Stairs and corridors cleaning
  • • Entrance hall cleaning
  • • Deep Cleans carried out in school holidays

Do You Need Impeccable Cleaning Services for Your School?

Children need clean environments in order to grow and thrive. Schools that do not have adequate cleaning systems in place can find that their pupils are unable to concentrate. They may also see more absences than necessary due to high frequency of illnesses. Teachers also deserve clean environments.


What We Provide

• A tailored cleaning plan and service that meets your budgetary requirements • High quality cleaning standards maintained via regular inspections • Managed cover for holidays and unplanned absences • Well trained, trustworthy, friendly and helpful staff • Service flexibility to respond to any short notice requirements