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Green Your Space Group I.T cleans

We will work in controlled environments to delicately clean the computers that keep your business running. We can also clean workstations and individual PCs as necessary.

Server room cleaning

A large proportion of server and data room breakdowns occur because of dirt, dust & debris. Keeping the surrounding environment clean is a preventative measure that can save you lots of pain down the line. We have the technical knowhow and the light touch to clean server rooms, data rooms, coms rooms and the like.

Keep your workstation clean

We will clean your desks and computer workstations so that the heart of the office is a clean and nice place to be at all times. Remove dust from behind monitors, around wiring and on keyboards with our cleaning.

Individual PC cleans

Dust and dirt are the enemy of effective personal computers. Our experts can clean your PCs using sensitive equipment to free them from dirt and restoring optimum working conditions

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Strategic Partnerships

Building companies and shop fitters can also offer our first-class carpet cleaning to clients on the completion of their construction and shop-fitting refurbishments. This creates a one-stop solution which is convenient for your clients as they can move straight into work in their new or refurbished business or retail premises. For more information on a possible strategic partnership and to discuss the benefits of this to your business
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What We Provide

• A tailored cleaning plan and service that meets your budgetary requirements • High quality cleaning standards maintained via regular inspections • Managed cover for holidays and unplanned absences • Well trained, trustworthy, friendly and helpful staff • Service flexibility to respond to any short notice requirements