Our Company

Green Your Space Group Ltd is a dynamic cleaning company that operates nationally.

Green Your Space Group Ltd began life as a small contract cleaning company with a big dream: to deliver a high quality professionally managed integrated cleaning service to a wide range of high-profile businesses.

Our continuing mission is to build our expertise and reputation as the country’s leading green cleaning and FM Solutions Company.

The management team combines many decades of experience in the industry and we believe in providing an enterprise level service with a friendly and direct approach built on strong relationships with each of our customers.

To keep to our core values we have strategically placed offices in London, Camberley, Bristol, Baldock and Stoke ensuring we can service our customer’s needs whilst maintaining a smaller company’s ability to react quickly and efficiently.

Our Philosophy

The people at the heart of our business are deeply concerned about the impacts we have on the local, regional and global environment and are committed to reducing the harmful effects of these impacts. We design our service around achieving these central aims. Being green is all about efficiency which also makes good business sense.

Thriving on innovation to drive constant improvements in the quality and performance of our service, our aim is to sell products and services that promote ecological sustainability, social justice and fair trade where there is an ethical alternative. We only select those suppliers who share our concerns about their impact on the environment and society and who provide fair pay and working conditions for their staff. Our promise is that we will continue to try and build awareness for these values and organisations through our associated global online community.

We believe that making your Organisation as eco-friendly as possible not only helps the planet, but also makes good business sense.

Our service takes the hassle out of "going green" combining high quality eco-friendly cleaning, recycling and a comprehensive range of leading eco-friendly office products and ongoing eco management monitoring and reporting processes. Our team combines these with experience and expertise to ensure you receive a consistently high quality service with constant improvement in environmental performance.

Cleaning Eco Friendly

We only use the most eco-friendly cleaning materials and techniques available on the market today.

Conventional cleaning products are based on petrochemicals which are rapidly depleting sources of non-renewable materials. Residues from these are non biodegradable and build up in the environment where they cause significant, long lasting damage to humans, animals and the environment.

The products we use are selected not only for their excellent cleaning power but also for their high biodegradability and low toxicity to the water environment. Detergents are always a burden on the environment but we strive to keep this burden as low as possible.

Training and Induction

At the beginning of the contract, we carry out site specific training, based on the operational requirements of your premises. This training will encompass basic cleaning tasks, periodic cleaning tasks, COSHH, Manual Handling, and Health & Safety.

Part of the site mobilisation plan and key to our success is to ensure that each individual member of the cleaning team is aware of the standards and duties required of them, and how to operate safely any equipment they may be required to use.

In addition, the Contract Manager will carry out development and remedial training relating to our quality inspection procedures. This means individual performance improves which ultimately provides improvements in our standards of service to our customers.

As corporate members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science and the Cleaning and Support Services Association, our managers attend training courses as recommended by both bodies:

(a) Courses for senior managers to update them on legislation, management techniques and materials.

(b) Regular courses for all Site Supervisors/Area Mangers on equipment and material uses.

(c) On-site training of operatives by our fully trained management team

Our objective is to develop our staff to their full potential. This raises their self-worth which in turn reduces staff turnover and improves both the cleaning standards and the security of your building.