Carpet cleaning

Regular and thorough professional cleaning will keep your carpets looking good, prevent premature wear, and help to avoid costly replacements. Green Your Space Group Ltd provides a professional carpet cleaning service that cleans deep down into the pile, keeping your carpets in pristine condition and giving your organisation the finishing touch it deserves. Green Your Space Group Ltd uses the best carpet cleaning equipment and solutions to remove dirt from fibres, leaving carpets clean and fresh within hours. Our professional carpet cleaners can advise you on a carpet cleaning service to maximise the lifespan of your office or commercial facilities carpets. We will also recommend contract cleaning for your carpets and premises based on the nature of your work, foot traffic etc. to ensure the plan is exactly right for you. Of course, periodic carpet cleaning can be combined with our regular contract cleaning or office cleaning services. If you run a restaurant, hotel, bar or catering facility then spillages or stains caused by guests will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. We can also provide specialist cleaning knowledge to restore and clean any type of troublesome stain from office and hotel bedroom carpets. Show homes and car showrooms can also benefit from our carpet cleaning service. Children’s nurseries and playgroups also need to have carpets cleaned regularly to ensure a suitable environment in which children can learn and play. Leisure and retail premises can request a quote to have commercial rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning carried out.
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Strategic Partnerships

Building companies and shop fitters can also offer our first-class carpet cleaning to clients on the completion of their construction and shop-fitting refurbishments. This creates a one-stop solution which is convenient for your clients as they can move straight into work into their new or refurbished business or retail premises. For more information on a possible strategic partnership and to discuss the benefits of this to your business please call Green Your Space Group Ltd or use the contact form..
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What We Provide

• A tailored cleaning plan and service that meets your budgetary requirements • High quality cleaning standards maintained via regular inspections • Managed cover for holidays and unplanned absences • Well trained, trustworthy, friendly and helpful staff • Service flexibility to respond to any short notice requirements