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Kitchen Cleaning

Let Green Your Space Group Ltd help your business achieve up to a 5 star food hygiene and safety rating. We offer a professional kitchen cleaning service working to the highest standards of health and safety. Our built in procedures and risk assessments safeguard our employees, our customers’ employees and the general public. In order to achieve these goals we not only provide the main hygiene service but also create a strategy which will help you meet these standards on a day to day basis, which in turn will reduce future costs.

Our professional kitchen cleaning team are able to clean Canopies, Extractor Fans and Filters, which must, by law, be cleaned every 6 months. They will also steam clean: Ovens, Deep Fat Fryers, Fridges, Tiles, Floors, Grills and more.
Our trained technicians use specialised, risk-assessed equipment and bio degradable products. We recycle oils and fats using licensed, qualified companies. We will leave your kitchen germ free, fresh smelling and most importantly complying with health and safety guidelines.

Regular commercial kitchen cleaning can reduce and minimise fire risks, ensure cleanliness and hygienic facilities in line with environmental health requirements, discourages pests and can ensure that commercial premises insurance policies are valid with their conditions adhered to.

Our cleaning operatives can ensure ingrained dirt and grease is cleaned from commercial kitchen floors. Cooker hoods, fixtures and fittings, walls, cooking equipment and extraction systems are all cleaned thoroughly. Our sister company can also carry out regular electrical and gas safety testing on commercial premises and equipment.

Reducing Accidents in Commercial Kitchens – Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Our experienced kitchen deep cleaners can ensure your employees have a safer, cleaner place to work. People are less prone to slips and accidents when regular floor cleaning and de-greasing is carried out. We use carefully selected products to ensure grease and dirt is removed effectively, whilst paying close attention to company policies and legislation regarding environmental impact.

This leaves your catering and food preparation staff to focus on giving your guests, diners and clients the first class service they deserve. So, outsourcing to a contract cleaning company can help with customer satisfaction rates as well as creating a better and safer working environment.

Our commercial kitchen cleaners carry out regular work from regional offices across the UK

New legislation requires hospitals, surgeries and care homes to meet cleaning standards outlined and enforced by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Surgeries that fail to meet these standards are immediately condemned and closed, damaging the reputation of the practice and creating stress for patients seeking urgent medical attention.
Green Your Space Group Ltd are seeing more and more practices in Medway, Kent, London and the South East call on its expertise, seeking the assurance of a daily clean that meets CQC standards. For a CQC-compliant clean all our cleaning operatives are trained following the methodologies set out by BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Science).

Green Your Space Group Ltd emergency response system, which is a service that alerts a mobile team of cleaners to attend a premises at risk, when their own cleaners have failed to attend. This is a safety net that more practices are relying on for peace of mind.

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What We Provide

• A tailored cleaning plan and service that meets your budgetary requirements • High quality cleaning standards maintained via regular inspections • Managed cover for holidays and unplanned absences • Well trained, trustworthy, friendly and helpful staff • Service flexibility to respond to any short notice requirements